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In many cases TIRES may cause the vehicle to pull in a given direction even after a SPEC’D alignment has been performed.

For example: DIRECTIONAL TIRES are commonly known to follow the CROWN of the road and cause a pull to either side. Additionally, a worn or used tire, or tires that are miss-matched in BRAND, SIZE, or TREAD PATTERN (1 TOYO, 1 GOODYEAR, 1 KUMHO, 1 PIRELLI) in any combination or setup thereof can cause the vehicle to pull to the left or right. Any doubt of this can be verified with a guide check at any NEW CAR DEALER to see how many BRAND NEW CARS are for sale on the lot with miss-matched tires.


Southwest Alignment Service Inc.Established 1995

Southwest Alignment Service, Inc.
Established 1995

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